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Laboratory Equipment
We Are Responsible For Supplying Classical Equipment (Various Tools and Equipment) in the country.
Consumables and general
We offers an unsurpassed variety of disposable supplies of Professional Disposable Patient Care Supplies
Equipment Supplies
We have various Medical devices with their intended use and indications to be used for various purposes
A department created to conduct business in medicines and drugs used for treating medical conditions

Who we are?

Welcome to Hillcrestmed

Hillcrest Medical Group is a 100% Namibian owned company based in Windhoek. Hillcrest Medical Group consists of a group of diverse, highly moti­vated and strongly driven young individuals. This has brought the partners of Hillcrest Medical Group to directly set up a business model that assists in our country's economic structures as well as in our community's needs.

Through this venture Hill­crest Medical Group intends to achieve excellence providing quality pharmaceuticals and medical di­agnostics including related medical equipment. Our market covers various channels and institu­tions; private and public hospitals, clinics, medical and dental practices, government institutions and wholesalers, in and around Namibia as well as sur­rounding neighbouring countries.

Business Priorities
Hillcrest Medical intends to achieve excellence in providing quality patient diagnostics. Ours is to source, supply, and provide affordable and high quality medical diagnostics and solutions to our customers.